RE/MAX Ballooning and Inflatables - Northern California

We provide RE/MAX inflatables including the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon to Northern California RE/MAX agencies for use in their marketing programs and at regional special events.

There are many ways to make your RE/MAX office rise "Above the Crowd!"® and stand out in your community. One of the easiest is to utilize our RE/MAX inflatable equipment in your marketing programs and at high traffic public and media events in your area. In addition to the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon, we have cold air inflatables that can be brought to your location to help maximize visibility.

RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon

RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon

The 83 ft. tall RE/MAX Balloon is the ultimate Client attraction for your RE/MAX office

RE/MAX Cold Air Inflatables

RE/MAX Cold Air Inflatables

We have many different sizes and configurations to suit your RE/MAX office special event needs

RE/MAX 30 foot Inflatable Shelter

RE/MAX Inflatable shelter

Our RE/MAX tent is the ultimate in functional static display for festivals or charity events

RE/MAX School Presentations - Educational Events

RE/MAX School Programs

Bringing the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon to schools to teach children about thermodynamics and mankind's ealiest form of flight

RE/MAX office visibility, how's yours?

The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon program began with a single balloon at the 1978 Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. It was in this first appearance that the ground crew wore jackets bearing the "Above the Crowd!"® slogan which was then adapted by the company. The RE/MAX fleet now numbers about 120 balloons, the largest balloon fleet in the world.

The RE/MAX balloon we fly in Northern California was manufactured by Lindstrand Balloons and holds 90,000 cubic feet of hot air. When fully inflated, the balloon stands approximately 84 feet tall and 65 feet wide. Fueled by liquid propane, the burner provides up to 24 Million BTU's (British thermal units) of heat. Compare that with the average home furnace which puts out between 40,000 and 150,000 BTU.

Eight Weeks to SOLID Brand Recognition!
History of the RE/MAX Balloon

This short video is the true story of how a hot air balloon
made RE/MAX one of the most recognized brands in the world.

RE/MAX Ballooning - Northern California
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