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RE/MAX 35 Foot Tent

Just like all of our RE/MAX cold air inflatables, the RE/MAX 35 foot Inflatable Shelter is available for most large community based events under the Regional Ad Fund and can also be hired for single RE/MAX office special events such as grand openings, open houses, etc. See more:

RE/MAX 35 foot Inflatable Tent
The RE/MAX 35 foot Inflatable Shelter being utilized at American Cancer Society "Relay for Life" event

The RE/MAX tent is truly a sight to behold. It is 35 feet in diameter and 18 feet tall. It also comes with high intensity internal lighting which can effectively create daylight inside on the darkest of nights. The RE/MAX Tent has six zippered doors so it can be closed to block the wind or opened for welcoming access as desired. At nearly two stories tall, it easily towers over pop-up tents at community events and can be utilized for many different purposes such as a "kids camp," welcoming center, central meeting and lost parents center, etc. In the picture above it is being utilized as the "Survivor Tent" at an American Cancer Society "Relay for Life" event.

RE/MAX Tent - After Dark!

With our internal lighting, the RE/MAX Tent becomes a focal point at any night time event. In the picture below the REMAX tent is available to participants at a 24 hour American Cancer Society "Relay for Life" event, literally for the full 24 hours.

RE/MAX Inflatable Shelter with Internal Lighting
Night time doesn't cancel our events with high intensity internal lighting!

RE/MAX Tent - Kids Camp

RE/MAX Inflatable Shelter Kids Camp
Kids Camp, just one of the many uses for the RE/MAX Tent at events.

RE/MAX Tent - Got Light?

RE/MAX Inflatable Shelter Internal Lighting - Got Light?
Got Light? The RE/MAX Tent does.

Inflating the RE/MAX Tent at an event for the ULTIMATE functional static display.

The RE/MAX Tent Inflation

The 35 foot RE/MAX tent is donated for use at these
American Cancer Society Relay For Life events and other
similar large community based charity or festival events.

The RE/MAX tent is available for use at your Community and RE/MAX office events. We will bring it to the site, install it and maintain it throughout your event. Power not available? No problem, we can even provide that where necessary.

For more information and scheduling, please contact the Northern California RE/MAX Balloon Team at:

RE/MAX Ballooning - Northern California
P.O. Box 661932 - Sacramento, CA 95866-1932
(916) 922-9253
Email: Team RE/MAX Ballooning NorCal